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Resume ID #: 225
Current Location: Streamwood IL
Position Desired: Contract
Travel: Weekly
Relocate: No
Lawson Experience
Financials7.x, 8.x
Human Resources / Payroll7.x, 8.x
Procurement / Supply Chain Management7.x
Supply Chain7.x, 8.x
Lawson Certifications
Environmental Administration, Version 8.x
Design Studio, Version 2.x
Business Component Integrator (BCI), Version 8.x
Other Experience
Platform Experience
Functional Production Support
Project Management
Technical Team Lead
Lawson CASE/4GL
Micro Focus COBOL
Custom Report Development
Conversion and Interface Program Development
Program Modifications
Lawson System Administration
UNIX Shell Scripting
Design Studio
Lawson DBA

Work History

Health Care Advocate, Nas 02/08 to 08/2002
Involved in developing number of interface programs to interface Lawson Human Resource and Payroll systems with Legacy Systems.

Developed Custom Report Programs for the Lawson Payroll System.

Developed various custom Batch and Online programs.
Logicon, Verginia 01/04 to 04/2001
BCI Interfaces:

Developed various interfaces between Legacy systems and Lawson HR/ Payroll systems. All the interfaces are done via Lawson Business Component Integrator a Lawson interface tool. This involved an extensive use of MERCATOR 6.0.
APAC Customer Services IL 05/08 to 08/2001
Developed an automatic Email notification event to desired users whenever the desired Lawson Batch Job completes. The Email can also attach any log files desired.

Developed a VBA app frontend to interface with Lawson Benefit system to create letters
PSI Oakbrook, IL 12/12 to 12/2000
Interfaces between the legacy system and the Lawson Activity Management, Billing. The interface also provided an online screen to maintain/correct any erroneous records.

Installed Lawson LOGAN engine, SEA products and NED/JED.

Configured IIS Serve
Tricom Funding, Millwakee 03/02 to 02/2000
As a developer, responsible for the development and deployment custom Lawson payroll and billing processing to integrate a VB front-end interface. Also developed a number of custom reports including weekly gross profit, commission, time entry works.

Education and Professional Training

ANNA UNIVERSITY 05/05 to 05/3896
Bachelors in Electonics and Communications Engineering.
MS University 04/04 to 04/3893
Tirunelveli INDIA
Bachelors in Physics
q Lawson Business Component Integrator / to /
Lawson Open Component Solutions (OCS) Certified / to /
Programming in Visual Basic – IMG, Schaumburg / to /
Programming in JavaScript – IMG, Schaumburg / to /
q Programming in Java - IMG, Schaumburg / to /

Lawson Experience Narrative

4 Years of Strong Technical Skills.

Administration and maintenance of Lawson Systems on a Windows 2000 server.

Installed the following: New Lawson products, Service packs, Lawson LOGAN engine, SEA products and COM+ toolkit, Lawson Remote LOGAN ser

Non-Lawson Experience Narrative

Socket and TCP/IP programming in C/C++ or VB. Good programming skills in Visual C++ usign MFC.

Developed a Windows Client and Unix server to simulate Lawson Remote Print manager to print reports to the Local Printer.

Developed a Windows GUI