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Implementation Services Group, Inc. based in Austin, TX specializing in Lawson Software implementation, upgrades, program enhancements and production support.

Implementation Services Group, Inc.
3800 N. Lamar Blvd #730-344
Austin, TX 78756
P: 800.474.7079.
F: 512.857.7755.
Eric Krohn

Companies can view your resume online, but your privacy is protected, as no contact information is visible. An interested company would then email Implementation Services Group through the link on your resume or through a Applicant Search request. Implementation Services Group will then directly contact you either by email or phone and provide you with details on the project. Only then with your direct permission on a company by company basis will your contact information be forwarded.

LawsonResources offers stronger consultants at significantly lower rates. We have specialized in Lawson Software since 1998 and can provide senior level, Lawson Certified consultants with your industry and version experience.

Yes, LawsonResources appreciates the opportunity to work with all firms on their Lawson Software staffing needs. Independent consultants work through Implementation Services Group, Inc. Placement fees are shared for all permanent placements.