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Resume ID #: 37
Current Location: Jackson Heights NY
Position Desired: Contract
Travel: Weekly
Relocate: Yes
Lawson Experience
Financials7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Human Resources / Payroll7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Procurement / Supply Chain Management7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Supply Chain7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Lawson Certifications
None Indicated
Other Experience
Platform Experience
Technical Team Lead
Lawson CASE/4GL
Micro Focus COBOL
Custom Report Development
Conversion and Interface Program Development
Program Modifications
Technical Production Support
UNIX Shell Scripting
Lawson DBA

Work History

Healthcare 12/11 to 11/2008
Technical Consultant
Full Lawson Suite. Work through LSF9 Upgrade and Apps 9 Upgrade. Soley responsible for the upgrade 300+ custom programs. Production support. Interface dev. Customizations. Dev'd custom budget system. Security auditing/reporting (laua)
Payroll Provider 05/11 to 11/2008
Technical Consultant
Pay to bill client had unresolved issue for approx 6 months. Fixed in 10 hours. Various Payroll customizations including override federal taxes.
Department Store 05/11 to 11/2008
Technial Consultant
Custom security for HR System. Custom TO (Slot) module for positions. Auto badge, ADP# assignation. Redesigned customizations by fully utilizing custom code reducing future upgrades of custom work from 4 weeks to 2 days.
Retailer 05/10 to 10/2005
Technical Consultant
Identified and correct various issues with existing PO interface. Multiple HR/PR issues.
Manufacturer 05/10 to 10/2005
Technical Consultant
Security reports for SOX compliancy. Production issues. Developer training.

Education and Professional Training

Wakefield College, UK 09/09 to 09/3882
BEC National Diploma in Computer Studies

Lawson Experience Narrative

10+Years Lawson Developer. Developed ESS Automated Security software to add/delete users as they become active/inactive in the HR System (Updates LDAP and creates unique user name). LAUA Security Reports and LAUA Change Tracking System (SOX). Transaction

Non-Lawson Experience Narrative

26+ years development experience (COBOL). Additional hands-on experience with Visual Basic, HTML, Java/JavaScript and other languages. Worked with many household name companies.